Unizin Community Site

Welcome to the new Unizin Community Site! This site was built based on feedback from Members, and specifically to fulfill the need of a simple, organized, one-stop location for finding details around Unizin products, services, and groups. In addition the need for better collaboration tools via email has led us to use Discourse for our forums, which can operate in listserv mode by default. To learn more, please see the Help page.

This site is like any other Unizin solution: it will be member-driven and it will have iterative changes. This Home Page will not remain as-is, but will likely change to a dashboard in the future. Have a suggestion on this site and/or the Home Page? Go to the discussion section and add it to the Site Feedback category!

On this site, you will find:

  • Discussion: Our email-enabled discussion forums
  • Groups: A listing of all sponsor teams, advisory groups, and communities of practice.
  • Product Summaries: A listing of the Unizin products and services, with summary information for each item.
  • Joint Projects: A listing of the joint projects between Unizin and Members to collaborate on a feature of, or a proof of concept for, a product or service.
  • Publishers: A summary of the consortium-level contract terms, including pricing, for delivering Publisher content through Engage.
  • Archive: A listing of previous webinars and newsletters.

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